Who are the Banks & Investors behind the Global Coal Plant Pipeline?

Despite global consensus about the need for a timely coal phase-out, new coal plants are still being planned or developed in 60 countries around the world. If built, these projects would add over 570 GW to the global coal plant fleet, an increase of 28%. Based on findings of the Global Energy Monitor, the 2019 GCEL identifies 258 Coal Plant Developers, with expansion plans of at least 300 MW. Over half of these companies are not traditional coal-based utilities, and are therefore often missed by financial institutions’ coal exclusion policies.

Together with our partners, Banktrack, Les Amis de la Terre, Re:common and RAN, Urgewald commissioned financial research by the Dutch research institute Profundo to identify the main financiers and investors of these Coal Plant Developers.

We found 505 global banks provided US$ 745 billion for expanding coal power companies through loans or underwriting services from 2017 – Q3 2019. And as of September 2019, 1922 investors are holding bonds and shares worth almost US$ 276 billion in coal plant developers.

Please browse the data below and find more information in our media briefing. A list of all Coal Plant Developers is available for download after login!


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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Company Sort descending Country of HQ Underwriting (Mio $) Loans (Mio $) Grand Total (Mio $) Year
Aboitiz Equity Ventures Philippines 11,00 11,00 All years
Anhui Province Energy Group (Wenergy Group) China 33,82 33,82 All years
Beijing Energy Holding China 120,09 23,00 143,02 All years
China Datang Corporation China 472,22 472,22 All years
China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) China 2.060,51 2.060,51 All years
China Huadian China 4.273,66 105,00 4.378,66 All years
China Huaneng Group China 2.471,33 2.471,33 All years
China National Coal Group Corp (Chinacoal) China 758,32 758,32 All years
China Resources Power China 115,00 114,74 All years
China Southern Power Grid China 4.346,93 4.346,93 All years
Chongqing Energy Investment Group China 155,78 155,78 All years
Datong Coal Mine Group China 580,43 580,43 All years
Eskom South Africa 188,00 187,71 All years
Fujian Energy Group China 22,08 22,08 All years
Guangdong Energy Group China 97,42 97,42 All years
Guangdong Pearl River Investment Management China 62,00 61,75 All years
Guangxi Investment Group China 798,36 798,36 All years
Hebei Construction & Investment Group China 72,66 72,66 All years
Henan Investment Group China 166,52 166,52 All years
Hub Power Company 150,00 150,00 All years
Jinneng Group China 785,62 785,62 All years
PLN (Persero) Indonesia 252,00 251,55 All years
POSCO South Korea 46,00 46,13 All years
Power Construction Corp of China (Powerchina) China 560,60 135,00 695,60 All years
Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group China 161,31 161,31 All years
Shaanxi Investment Group China 29,25 29,25 All years
Shandong Energy Group China 279,44 279,44 All years
Shanghai Electric Group Corp China 549,31 549,31 All years
Shanxi Lu'An Mining Industry China 449,46 449,46 All years
Shenergy China 129,06 129,06 All years
Shenzhen Energy Group China 212,25 212,25 All years
State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC) China 499,37 33,00 532,74 All years
State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) China 1.658,73 1.658,73 All years
State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) China 7.754,98 187,00 7.942,33 All years
Tauron Polska Energia Poland 200,00 199,85 All years
Vale Brazil 100,00 100,00 All years
Yangquan Coal Industry China 338,48 338,48 All years
Yankuang Group China 977,76 977,76 All years
YTL Power International Malaysia 107,00 106,65 All years
Yunnan Investment Holdings Group China 279,71 279,71 All years
Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group China 1.899,34 1.899,34 All years

TOTAL (in US$ million)

Loans: 1.713,03
Underwritings: 32.994,82
Grandtotal: 34.707,85