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Below, you can explore the finance data for the top 120 Coal Plant Developers (as published by Urgewald in October 2018). The finance data is published in cooperation with Urgewald, Banktrack, Les Amis de la Terre, RAN and Re:Common.

You can choose to look at bank loans and underwriting per company by clicking on the button bank and choosing a private bank. The term all years refers to 2016-2018, the time after the Paris Climate Agreement was signed.

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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Company Sort descending Country of HQ Underwriting (Mio $) Loans (Mio $) Grand Total (Mio $) Year
ACWA Power Saudi Arabia 177,00 176,91 All years
Anhui Province Energy Group China 46,02 46,02 All years
Beijing Energy Investment Group China 298,16 298,16 All years
China Datang Corporation China 1.529,95 1.529,95 All years
China Energy Engineering Corporation China 507,98 211,00 719,42 All years
China Energy Investment Corporation China 4.447,19 4.447,19 All years
China Huadian Corporation China 4.435,67 108,00 4.543,36 All years
China Huaneng Group China 4.855,26 46,00 4.901,73 All years
China National Machinery Industry China 63,51 63,51 All years
China Resources Hong Kong 94,86 94,86 All years
China Southern Power Grid China 331,00 331,00 All years
Dongfang Electric Corporation China 34,97 34,97 All years
Hub Power Company Pakistan 333,00 333,24 All years
Jinneng Group China 780,97 780,97 All years
POSCO South Korea 89,00 88,98 All years
PowerChina (Power Construction Corporation of China) China 153,13 135,00 288,13 All years
Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Industry Group China 301,56 301,56 All years
Shaanxi Energy Group China 9,50 9,50 All years
State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC) China 345,46 23,00 368,50 All years
State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) China 2.116,69 2.116,69 All years
State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) China 4.188,86 259,00 4.447,43 All years
Tata Power India 100,00 100,00 All years

TOTAL (in Mio $)

Loans: 1.481,35
Underwritings: 24.540,73
Grandtotal: 26.022,07