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Global Coal Exit List

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The GCEL is amongst the most thorough coal databases we have seen so far. We have tested the list and believe it is a promising tool for investors who want to move their portfolios away from coal.

Sylvain Vanston Group Corporate Responsibility, AXA

The Global Coal Exit List produced by Urgewald is an excellent tool for understanding asset stranding and energy transition risks. (...) GCEL is at current the most comprehensive coal database available to investors.

Pekka Piirainen Investor Engagement Manager, ET Index Research

This research is potentially worth millions of dollars to investors. The depth of analysis conducted by Heffa Schuecking and her team is superb.

Tom Sanzillo Director of Finance, IEEFA

A New Dimension of Coal Divestment

We all know the coal industry is the number one driver of climate change, damages peoples’ health and destroys the environment. But do we really know which companies belong to the industry? And more importantly, do banks and investors know? Bending emissions toward a 1.5°C pathway will be impossible, unless the finance industry makes a speedy and full exit from the coal industry.

From our portfolio analyses and in-depth discussions with many major banks and insurers, we have reached the conclusion that financial institutions systematically underestimate their holdings in the coal industry. Even investors who have taken first steps down the divestment road, have not yet made a full exit from the industry. To address this blind spot, we have developed a unique divestment tool: The Global Coal Exit List (GCEL). It is a ‘Who is Who’ of the global coal industry and provides key statistics on 775 companies. The GCEL also identifies the companies which are planning new coal projects. It enables financial institutions to assess the ‘coal content’ of their portfolios, to avoid new coal investments and to accelerate their departure from the industry. 

Our separate Coal Plant Developers Database highlights 120 companies whose coal power expansion plans should put them at the top of every divestment list.

» Database: Global Coal Exit List

» Database: Coal Plant Developers

» Report: GCEL - Time for Impact Divesting

» Graphics: Key Figures & Rankings

Divestment Made Easy!

Video Introduction to the Coal Exit Project (2:26)

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