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Companies Building New Coal Plants Must Be Divested!

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There is no space for new coal.

Christiana Figueres Former Executive of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

It does not make sense to invest my retirement money in a company whose business plan means that there won’t be an earth to retire on.

Bill McKibben Environmentalist and author (

We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels … needs to be progressively replaced without delay.

Pope Francis

Burning the Climate: 120 Top Coal Plant Developers

New coal-fired power plants are going to harm the climate for decades to come. This would push the world into a climate collapse. Altogether, about 850 new coal plants are in planning in 62 countries (see map below). This is happening against the resistance of the local population. Banks, investors and insurance companies are driving the aggressive coal expansion by providing loans and financial support.

Urgewald has identified the 120 companies, which are driving the biggest and most dangerous new coal power plants. This list of 120 companies is a future-oriented, forward-looking divestment tool. It enables investors to pull out their money from the companies on a coal expansion course. Implementing this unique tool gives investors the chance to meet their responsibility for a coal-free future.

Detailed information on 120 companies building new coal power plants

In depth look at companies’ destructive coal expansion plans

Media Briefing
"New Database Reveals World’s Biggest Coal Plant Developers"


Location of new Coal Power Plants in Planning

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l1  Expansion plans < 100 % of existing fleet

l2  Expansion plans > 100 % of existing fleet

l3  No existing coal plants, but expansion plans

l4  No new coal plants planned

Proposed Coal Plants in 25 Largest Coal Expanding Countries

Coal Expansion per country

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