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About Urgewald’s Research Project

Coal Supply Will Not Slow Down, If New Demand for Coal is Created

Urgewald’s divestment list for companies on a coal expansion course, is revolutionary. It is the first forward-looking coal divestment tool. It shows the future of global coal, rather than the status quo of the coal industry.

While researching, we realized that achieving a coal-free future means having to concentrate on the companies currently planning new coal-fired power plants. Why? These plants would run for 40 years and longer. They would leave no chance to limit global warming to well below 2°C as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement. The emissions of such plants would result in a climate meltdown. Coal supply will not slow down, if new demand for coal is created. Investors who divest companies on coal expansion course can set a positive course for the world’s climate.

“Who is Who” of the Global Coal Industry

Listing the world’s biggest coal expansion companies is a key element of a bigger research project by Urgewald. In the past 2 years, we have developed a database which shows the "Who is Who" of the global coal industry. We call it the Global Coal Exit List (GCEL).

In 2015, Urgewald convinced the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund to divest from coal. In the same year, Allianz one of the world’s largest insurance companies, also followed Urgewald’s advice to divest from coal. Our experience has taught us, that many investors want to cut the support for coal, but do not know which companies to divest from. This is the reason why, Urgewald is putting all its energy and financial resources into a database that shows the entire coal industry. The Global Coal Exit List encompasses the companies all along the coal destruction chain. This starts with coal exploration, mining, trading and transportation and continues with building coal power plants and finally burning the coal itself.

The focus on all aspects of the coal industry makes it a tool that allows NGOs and climate-conscious investors to easily assess the coal content of a specific investment portfolio. When it’s finalized, the GCEL will list about 1000 coal companies. All major coal players from the world’s different regions and markets are covered. Thus, the GCEL provides the most comprehensive snapshot of the global coal industry to date. It will be published in the fall of 2017.

Divest Now!

The time to divest is now. Companies on coal expansion course are the biggest threat to our planet’s future. This is a call to investors and banks to dry up all financial funding for the coal industry.  


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