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The Global Coal Exit List (GCEL) is a unique, public database, which provides key statistics on companies throughout the entire thermal coal value chain. It aims to capture the world’s coal industry as a whole and serves as an information source and a divestment tool for the finance sector.

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Coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change, and phasing out investments in the coal industry is the single most important step financial institutions can take to protect our climate. According to the 2018 IPCC report, coal-fired power generation must decrease by 78% by 2030 if we want to keep the 1.5°C limit within reach. Achieving this goal requires immediate action by banks and investors.

The GCEL is a practical tool that enables financial institutions to identify the ‘coal content’ of their portfolios, to avoid new coal investments and to accelerate their departure from the coal industry. Since our database was first published in 2017, 200 financial institutions have become registered users of the GCEL. Many leading investors are now using our database not only to assess coal-related risks in their portfolios, but to plan and execute meaningful divestment steps.

The 2019 GCEL lists around 2,300 companies (parents and subsidiaries). It provides key information on these companies’ coal share of revenue (CSR), coal share of power production (CSPP), installed coal-fired capacity and annual coal production. It also identifies, which companies are planning an expansion of coal mining or coal power activities or are developing other coal infrastructure.

Our research mainly relies on public data provided by the companies themselves. Most of the information in the GCEL is extracted from companies’ reporting documents, investor presentations and their websites. Other important sources are publications by government agencies and stock exchanges.

Urgewald strives to facilitate impactful coal divestment and provide data on which financial institutions, academics, NGOs and journalists can rely on. We will continue refining the GCEL to incorporate new parameters and improve its data density. We aim to set the benchmark when it comes to capturing coal sector data and providing it in a way that is tailored to the needs of responsible investors.



Global Coal Exit List

Company Headquarter Absolute criteria Relative criteria Expansion criteria
Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co Ltd
Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co Ltd
China >20MT csr
Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL)
India >20MT csr | cspp
Murray Energy Corp
American Energy Corporation | Colombian Natural Resources S.A.S. | Murray American Energy Inc | Murray American River Towing Inc | Murray Kentucky Energy Inc | The Harrison County Coal Company | The Marion County Coal Company | The Marshall County Coal Company | The Monongalia County Coal Company | The Muhlenberg County Coal Company LLC | The Ohio County Coal Company | The Western Kentucky Coal Company LLC | UtahAmerican Energy Inc
USA >20MT csr
Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group Co Ltd
Taiyuan Coal Gasification Group Corp Ltd
China >20MT csr | cspp
Huainan Mining Industry Group
Huaihe Energy (Group) Co. Ltd.
China >20MT, >10GW cspp
PT Adaro Energy Tbk
PT Adaro Power | PT Bhakti Energi Persada | PT Bhimasena Power Indo (BPI) | PT Makmur Sejahtera Wisesa (MSW) | PT Tanjung Power Indonesia (TPI)
Indonesia >20MT csr | cspp
Cloud Peak Energy Inc
USA >20MT csr
Jizhong Energy Group Co Ltd
Jizhong Energy Resources Co Ltd
China >20MT
PGE SA (Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA)
PGE Elektrownia Opole SA | PGE Elektrownia Turow SA | PGE Energia Ciepła Oddział Wybrzeże | PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. | PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna SA (PGE GiEK) | PGE Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Bełchatów SA | PGE Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Turów SA | PGE Sweden AB | PGE Zespoł Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz SA | Zespół Elektrowni Dolna Odra SA | ZEW Kogeneracja SA
Poland >20MT, >10GW csr | cspp
Energetický a průmyslový holding a.s. (EPH)
EP Coal Trading a.s. | EP Energy a.s. | EP Infrastructure a.s. (EPIF) | EP Power Europe a.s. (EPPE) | EPH Financing II a.s. | EPH Financing CZ a.s. | EPH Financing SK a.s. | Kraftwerk Mehrum GmbH | Kraftwerk Schkopau Betriebsgesellschaft GmbH | Kraftwerk Schkopau GbR | Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG | Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG | Lausitz Energie Verwaltungs GmbH | LEAG Holding a.s. | Mátra Energy Holding Zrt (Matra Energy Holding Zrt) | MÁTRAI ERŐMŰ ZRT (Matra Eromu ZRT) | Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft mbH (MIBRAG) | Przedsiebiorstwo Górnicze SILESIA Sp. z o.o. | Slovenské Elektrárne a.s. | Uniper France SAS
Czech Republic >20MT, >10GW csr | cspp
China Huadian Co. Ltd.
China Huadian Corp Sichuan Co | China Huadian Finance Corp Ltd | China Huadian Hong Kong | Hebei Huadian Shijiazhuang Thermal Power Co. Ltd. | Guizhou Dafang Power Co | Huadian Bukit Asam Power | Huadian Coal Industry Group Co Ltd | Huadian Energy Co Ltd | Huadian Financial Leasing Co Ltd | Huadian Fuxin Energy Corp Ltd | Huadian Harbin Thermal Power Co. Ltd | Huadian Hubei Power Co Ltd | Huadian Inner Mongolia Energy Co. Ltd. | Huadian Jiangsu Energy Co. Ltd. | Huadian Jinshan Energy Co. Ltd. | Huadian Longkou Power Co | Huadian Power International Co. Ltd. | Huadian Shaanxi Energy Co | Huadian Shanxi Energy Co | Huadian Tengzhou Xinyuan Thermal Power Co. Ltd. | Huadian Xinjiang Power Co Ltd | Huadian Yunnan Power Generation Corp | Jiangsu Huadian Yangzhou Power | PT General Energy Bali | Qinghai Huadian Datong Power Co. Ltd. | Shanxi Hexin Power Development Co. Ltd. | Shaanxi Huadian Pucheng Power Co. Ltd. | Tianjin Junliangchen Power Gerneration Co. Ltd. | Xiangyuan Hexin Power Co. Ltd. | Xinjiang Huadian Changji Thermal Power Co Ltd | Xinjiang Ruihong Coal and Electricity Co. Ltd. | Xinjiang Ruihong Power Gen Co
China >20MT, >10GW csr | cspp
Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC)
CC Kolmar LLC | OAO UK Kuzbassrazrezugol (KRU)
Russia >20MT
Westmoreland Coal Company
Westmoreland Coal Company Asset Corporation | Westmoreland Resource Partners LP
USA >20MT csr
Exxaro Resources Ltd
South Africa >20MT csr
Banpu Public Company Limited
Banpu (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. | Banpu Investment (China) Co. Ltd. (BIC) | Banpu Power Plc. | Centennial Coal Co Ltd | Hebi Zhong Thai Mining Co. Ltd. | Hunnu Coal Pty Ltd. | PT Bharinto Ekatama | PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk | PT Indominco Mandiri | PT Jorong Barutama Greston | PT Kitadin | PT Trubaindo Coal Mining | Shanxi Gaohe Energy Co. Ltd.
Thailand >20MT csr | cspp
Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holding Group Co Ltd
Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Group Co. Ltd.
China >20MT csr
Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL)
Bhubaneswari Coal Mining Ltd | EMIL Coal Mining Ltd | Rajmahal Coal Mining Ltd
India >20MT
PT Delta Dunia Makmur Tbk
Indonesia >20MT csr
Inner Mongolia Huineng Coal and Electricity Group Co. Ltd.
China >20MT csr
Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS)
Serbia >20MT csr | cspp

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