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The GCEL is amongst the most thorough coal databases we have seen so far. It is a great tool for investors who want to move their portfolios away from coal.

Sylvain Vanston Head of ESG integration, AXA

The Global Coal Exit List produced by Urgewald is an excellent tool for understanding asset stranding and energy transition risks. (...) GCEL is at current the most comprehensive coal database available to investors.

Pekka Piirainen Investor Engagement Manager, ET Index Research

The financial market needs this important information on the profitability and the 'coal share' of portfolios in order to meet the ever-growing necessity of global climate protection.

Prof. Claudia Kemfert Head of Energy, Economics Institute DIW Berlin

Database: Global Coal Exit List (GCEL)

Our Sources
The figures presented in the GCEL were drawn from original company sources such as annual reports, investor presentations and websites. The only exception is the data on companies’ plans for new coal plants, which is based on CoalSwarm’s “Global Coal Plant Tracker”. 

Using the Database
You can customize the database by applying different filters, changing the order of the list or searching for specific company names. If the company you are looking for happens to be a subsidiary, the search mask will automatically lead you to the respective parent company as the on-site database only displays data on parent company level. For a full list containing all details on subsidiaries, please visit the download section

Downloading Data
In order to download data, you must first log in and become a registered user. Once you are logged in, you will see a download button below the database. By clicking on it, you can download your individual company selection as shown on the site. For downloading the complete GCEL, please visit the download section.

Dataset for Investors
We offer a special version of the GCEL for the finance industry containing ISIN numbers. If you are interested in receiving this version, please get in touch with us.

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