Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before working with the database and filters?

To search for an individual coal company, type the name in the search field. If the company is part of our database, you can see it by checking the auto-complete text.

You can filter out regions and countries from our database.

In addition, you can filter the data according to several criteria, for instance ‘Coal Share of Power Production’ or ‘Expansion Plans Power’.

All filters are automatically applied after the selection. Press the ‘Reset’ button to erase all previous selections.

There are several options to change the order of the results. Simply click ‘Sort by’. You can find details on subsidiaries for some of the listed companies in the download version of the list.

When there is no entry in a box, it means that we did not find sufficient information to make one. It does not mean "No" (Expansion Plans Mining) or that the figure is "0".

Can I download information on individual companies?

Yes. You can select results for individual companies simply by applying the filters or search for the companies that match your interest. Afterwards, click on the ‘Download’ button below the database.

How can I download the data?

You can download your individual data selection. Simply click the ‘Download’ button below the database. As a registered user, you can also download the whole dataset, which you can find below the database and in the 'Download' section. 

Why do I have to register before downloading any of the data?

This data is worth a fortune. We want to make it available to everybody for free. In turn we ask you to register. Knowing who accesses and downloads our data helps us to get an understanding of the groups interested in coal divestment. This in turn fuels our campaigns in the future. Also, we would like to stay in touch with you, so that we can inform you about updates of our database and our campaign.

What should I consider when using and disseminating the Urgewald research and data?

We are happy that you are interested in our research, report and data. Please consider our Terms of Use.

How do you deal with my personal data?

Urgewald takes the protection of your personal data very seriously.  We are using your personal data only for internal Urgewald purposes or to send you the information you have requested on our website. We will only distribute some of your data (name, email address) to a special data provider if you register for our Urgewald newsletter in order to provide you with our emails. For further details how we deal with data protection, also in terms of donations via this website, please have a look at our Privacy Policy.

How can I get updates?

Please register or press the “Get updates” button.

Why does an NGO publish a database on coal power expansion?

We are publishing this database because it did not exist before. This data is so powerful because it gives banks and investors the chance to prevent new destructive coal power. This data also informs NGOs on companies on coal expansion course and enables them to run effective campaigns against environmental destruction.

How reliable is the data?

We have done our best to make our database as accurate as possible. We have used publicly available information only. Our main sources are annual reports, sustainability reports and investor briefings. Unfortunately, there is no consistent way of company reporting and transparency differs greatly between companies. If you believe that you have more accurate data on a company, please contact us.

Is all research data included in the online database?

You can find all our key research data in the online version of the database. Some additional information, for example on company subsidiaries, is included in the download version only, which you can find below the database and in the 'Download' section.

Will the database be updated?

We will update the database regularly.


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